Flood Emergency Response 2022

The destruction of Floods 2022 in Pakistan has taken 628 lives, left 1010 people injured, killed 110,460 livestock, destroyed 70,000 plus houses and damaged more than 2,800 Km of road infrastructure as per statistics of NDMA SKS is providing humanitarian assistance in three districts of the Punjab and one district of Baluchistan and one in Sindh through Cooked food, Safe water for Drinking, Dry Food Packages, Hygiene Essential Kits, and Non-Food Items (NFIs) with the support of different donors. We are committed to continuing our response and extending it with the support of our respected donors. Detail of flood response activities till date as under:

Description Assistance Provided  Area
Hot Meal  35000 Qila Saifullah, Taunsa Sharif, Rajanpur, Jatoi
Food Parcel  4500 Qila Saifullah, Taunsa Sharif, Rajanpur, Jatoi
NFI 500 Tanusa Sharif and Rajanpur
Hygiene Kit  500 Tanusa Sharif and Rajanpur
Tent  160 Taunsa, Rajanpur & Ghotki