Who We Are

Saiban Kisan Society (SKS) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization registered under society’s act 1860 and registered under “the Punjab charities act 2018 by a group of farmers and highly motivated social activists with an ambitious to strengthen the indigenous and local knowledge reservoirs within the society to support their peaceful and prosperous life. Saiban Kisan Society wishes to turn out new methods for sustainable livelihood and Farmer awareness on advance agricultural methods especially in flood prone areas. A collective approach of Saiban Kisan Society is to improve the existing model of development in form of state institutions and civil society efforts should be embed towards prosperous society. Saiban Kisan Society aimed to develop such mechanisms and institutional systems, which are needed to achieve equitable social and align with the principles of Core Humanitarian Standards (CHS).  SKS will continue to coordinate with government, policy-makers, AND INFLUENCE policy makers, and; work with business and industry to address global threats to the planet by seeking long-term solutions. SKS emphasizes on building local capacities to meet the development challenges of the next era. Its belief is to help communities in search of sustainable solutions for their issues. 

OUR Foremost Accomplishments

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13 Districts

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Total Budget

346 m

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2,650 approx


4 (Punjab, Sindh, KPK & Balochistan)

Latest Updates

Street Children Education Project

Street Children Education Project


The Street Children Education Project in Multan, supported by Children of Adam, strives to create a nurturing and supportive environment where these children can learn, grow, and have hope for a brighter future. Through education and care, the project aims to empower these vulnerable children to break free from the hardships of street life and lead fulfilling lives as productive members of society.

Reconstruction of Schools in Flood affected areas

Reconstruction of Schools in Flood affected areas


The project undertaken by Saiban Kisan Society, in collaboration with Children of Adam (CoA), aims to reconstruct schools in the flood-affected areas of Khairpur Mirs, Sindh, which were devastated during the flood in 2022. The combined efforts of Saiban Kisan Society and Children of Adam demonstrate their commitment to the education and well-being of the children in the flood-affected areas. By reconstructing schools and creating better learning environments, they are contributing to the resilience and recovery of the community while promoting the importance of education for a brighter future.

Rebuilding Pakistan Project

Rebuilding Pakistan Project


In the aftermath of the devastating floods-2022, SKS has taken up the noble task of rehabilitating the affected 6 most affected areas of District Khairpur Mirs Sindh and restoring hope to the communities. Through our relentless efforts, we are rebuilding not just homes but also dreams that were washed away by the merciless waters. From constructing shelter homes that provide safety and solace to establishing communal hand pumps and toilets that ensure access to clean water and sanitation, our initiatives aim to foster a sense of togetherness and support. Moreover, we are planting fruity trees, breathing life into the surroundings and offering sustenance for generations to come. As part of our comprehensive approach, we are also undertaking the construction of a Masjid and a school, uplifting both spiritual and educational dimensions. With every brick laid and every tree planted, we are crafting a resilient future, where the echoes of the floods are replaced with the resilience and determination of communities reborn. Together, we are building a brighter tomorrow from the fragments of the past. SKS also started the livelihood support program for most affected families by establishing a small and medium entrepreneurship system for contributing to enhanced the economy of their family and the areas.

Rebuilding Pakistan Program

Rebuilding Pakistan Program


Under the Rebuilding Pakistan Program, SKS has initiated projects in 4 most affected villages of Khairpur Mirs during the devastating flood 2022. Projects are designed to construct the entire village with shelter homes, street pavements, communal toilets, communal wells, solar wells, plantations and small-scale of livelihood schemes for the most affected families with the support of international donors.

Support for Grandparents

Support for Grandparents


SKS with the financial support of Children of Adam (CoA) granting the cash to elders on monthly basis for the most deserving and needy elders for their daily routine expenses to utilized in term of health care, nutrition and domestic finance.